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Automotive Painting Plant

We are engaged in manufacturing a wide range of automotive painting plant which is manufactured using high grade quality raw material with the use of advanced technology.

Our range is customized according to client specifications as per the requirements of our clients. Our range of automotive paint plants includes automated spray system, spray pretreatment system, paint circulation system, pretreatment system, multi-step pretreatment system, stable mix e-coat system, automated spray system, circula spray system, circula spray booth, controlled paint circulation system and intelligent conveyor system.

  • Installation with start to finish engineering expertise
  • Higher productivity with lower operating cost
  • A paint finish with unsurpassed beauty and durability

Taikisha multi step pretreatment system (MSP) is a complete pretreatment system which combines a spray zone and full dip zone. An automatic solution control system, filtration technology to maintain rinsing tank purity and techniques to prevent the contamination of solutions combine to eliminate the causes of imperfections on car body surfaces. Holding down costs and further enhancing efficiency, MSP also includes a variety of water and energy conservations systems and anti pollution technologies.

Benefits of MSP pretreatment system:

  • Uniform coating coverage on entire car body surface is achieved by contamination prevention, solution stirring, mist spray between each tank, float prevention, air pocket prevention and inner body cleaning.
  • Clean paint shop environment for decontamination is ensured by elimination of dust and dirt by automatic dust and dirt filtering, prevention of debris from swirling around in solution tank and continuous settling, Prevention of falling dust and dirt which is achieved by spraying at tank exit, having conveyor cover, hanger air blow, hanger cleaning, corrosion prevention for enclosures; corrosion-proof finish.
  • Energy conservation and pollution control is achieved by water conservation, automated feed control of chemicals, a fully enclosed system, oil sludge separation system.

Taikisha's study in fluid dynamics has given rise to a unique electro deposition system i.e. the stable mix E-coat system (SEC). Making use of a paint agitation system and many other fluid control systems, the SEC achieves a smooth and uniform primer coating. It has paint agitation and filtration systems to prevent sedimentation and enable the maintenance of consistently high quality in the primer coating. It has a water rinse process which is equipped with paint and energy conservation systems as well as an after-heating system to prevent secondary running.

Benefits of SEC:

  • Uniform coating coverage is achieved by multi-step electric charge, paint agitation system, auxiliary anode, surface flow at tank entrance point, mist spray to prevent drying, prevention of air pockets, foam prevention and defoaming
  • Prevention of secondary running is effected thru strong final rinse, hot d.i. water rinse hot setting, after-heating system
  • Debris prevention is stalled by prevention of falling debris thru paint agitation system and tank contour; separation of inner tank debris thru filtration and suction location; cleaning spary at rinse zone wall  
  • energy conservation thru paint recovery by ultra-filter recovery system

Taikisha offer a precision engineered range of controlled paint circulation system (CPC) which has the flexibility needed to provide a supply of paint ideally suited to the unique requirements of each stage of the spraying process and area of the car body. A stable supply of paint which is critical to the ability of the circula spray system to maintain an ideal work environment at all times. The integrated design from the mixing room to the spray booth of paint circulation system demonstrates Taikisha's awareness of this fact. Furthermore, a fixed rate of paint fluidity and viscosity is preserved with no sedimentation of solids. Other features serve to prevent dust and dirt, reduce energy costs and minimize pollution control problems.

Benefits of Controlled Paint Circulation System:

  • Smoothness of Coating Film is ensured by Stabilization of Supply Pressure ( by Paint supply system, paint piping design), Prevention of Paint Sedimentation (Open third-line system), Stabilization of Flow Rate ( by Temperature control system of paint supply, Multi-paint temperature control system, Paint mixing room temperature control system, Paint mixing system),
  • Maintenance of Cleanliness is achieved by Prevention of Occurrence of Dust and Dirt (by Filter system, Gun cleaning system, Installation of paint piping, Clean environment for paint mixing system).
  • Energy Conservation and Pollution Control is ensured by Compressed Air Consumption ( Transfer system ), Steam and Electricity ( Individual paint temperature control system for each color ),Waste Paint and Waste Thinner recovery and treatment.

Widest range of automated spray systems which are manufactured to deal with concerns such as labor costs and safety. The Quality-Wise Automated Spray System (QAS) meets all these demands by incorporating a line-up of quality engineered automated spray guns and robots. QAS is the zenith of Taikisha's know-how in automatic automated paint finishing systems, an incorporation of automated paint finishing machines, robots and automated spray guns, QAS boasts exceptional constancy and the aptitude to equal the spraying needs of each section of a car body. This impressive spray system is ideal for use with the automated spray system, which minimizes problems such as uneven air-flow around machines, paint mist and unevenness in coating thickness, and the controlled paint circulation system. Together, these systems ensure that paint surfaces are mirror-smooth and free of dust and dirt.

Salient Features of Automated Spray System:

  • Even coating finish is achieved by preventing defects and running of paint film,  adjustment of movement and speed of robots and spray equipment, control of paint spray volume, control of temperature and pressure of paint
  • Smoothness of coating film is ensured by atomization thru electrostatic air gun, control of atomizing air, air pattern control, bell-type gun, revolving air control, shaping air control
  • Prevention of dust and dirt is achieved by ensuring no color mixing, no paint sludge adhesion and no spitting through special arrangements
  • Energy and materials conservation through improved painting efficiency and minimized paint loss when paint color is changed

Our quality range of circula spray system (CSS)is widely demanded for creating an ideal environment for paint finishing. CSS combines spray booths, ventilation system, a paint circulation system and automatic spraying equipment to create in-between and top coatings of the top quality. CSS is also equipped with systems to control pollution and save power; as a result it is very affordable. The paint temperature, car body temperature and the temperature and relative humidity of the spray booth interior are controlled, guaranteeing a smooth and glossy finish. Additionally, attention is paid to every detail involving the prevention of dust and dirt contamination.


Benefits of circula spray system:


  • Smoothness of Coating Film
  • Control of Temperature and Relative Humidity
  • Control of Car Body Temperature
  • Control of Paint Temperature
  • Control of Paint Spraying
  • Prevention of Dust and Dirt Contamination
  • Clean Painting System
  • Energy Conservation

The sheen and smoothness of a paint finish are determined by the paint and the paint finishing equipment. Taikisha circula spray booth (CSB) guarantees that the equipment constituent of this equation is optimized by controlling not only air temperature, humidity and circulation within the booth, but all other factors that affect paint finish quality. Examples of this thoroughness include control of the surface temperature of car bodies,paint temperature and even the atomizing air.Dirt and dust are shut out by sophisticated air cleaning equipment and the careful control of air circulation. In the elimination and disposal of paint over spray mist, circula spray booth respond flexibly to different paint mist densities to meet all requirement of the environmental protection regulations of global standards.

Benefits of Circula Spray Booth:


  • Smoothness of Coating Film is achieved by blow system for constant car body temperature, air flow control on car body,control of temperature and relative humidity, multi spray system (by dual circula spray booth), prevention of paint residue deposits, air balance, turbulent flow prevention compressed air curtain, curtain nozzle.
  • Prevention of Dust and Dirt Contamination is ensured by no exterior dust infiltration(by filtration, air balance, curtain nozzle,entrance and exit air shower), no dust adhesion to car body(structure of ceiling filter, contour design of spray booth), dust prevention(by control of temperature and relative humidity, air supply unit blow-down system, materials and workmanship of air supply unit and filter frame)
  • Energy Conservation and Pollution Control is achieved by design to minimize need for air supply (zoning system), reduced air supply during line stoppages, recycling of exhaust air, low-energy air supply system ( by direct heating method, temperature control system with heat exchanger), minimal wash water volume (circula spray booth),stable and high paint mist removal efficiency.

Taikisha not only offer clients beautifully painted car bodies but Taikisha also offer them with many profits. With the accurate design and collection of the suitable conveyance technique for each process, our intelligent conveyor system (ICS) results in  general enhancement in paint shop efficiency and quality. We offer a conveyor system that serves the entire paint shop. Our range is renowned for devotion to meticulousness including procedures to keep out dirt and dust, hangers and dollies that reduce power utilization, and a conveyor system that raises output. These systems are an arrangement of several types of conveyor systems to ensure that the full potential of each Taikisha paint finishing process is realized.

Benefits of Intelligent Conveyor System:


  • Even Coating Finish
  • Prevention of Dust and Dirt
  • Reduction of Paint Residue in Spray Booth
  • Covered conveyor
  • No Dust and Dirt inside Bake Oven
  • Prevention of dust sticking to paint
  • Energy Conservation
  • Low Heating Load
  • Simple and lightweight carrier
  • Minimum Power Consumption

Our world class range of progra bake oven system (PBO) is a final step in the paint finishing process. This controls car body temperature and the bake oven environment to produce coating finishes of consistently exquisite quality. Taikisha's PBO is engineered to maintain a stable and consistent temperature over the entire car body with a minimum amount of air circulation. Furthermore, the system is able to fulfill the temperature requirements of all types of paint. This outstanding performance is the result of computer-regulated zone control, a technique utilizing radiant heat and convection. The program oven system has an ability to maintain the proper temperature level for each of the baking stages in the paint finishing process. We also have incorporated a safety monitoring system which guarantees safe operation. The advanced features of PBO reflect Taikisha's expertise on control of heat, water and air.

How it works:



  • Even Heating of Car Body by Zone control and Bottom surface heat nozzles
  • No NOx Defects as we use indirect heating
  • No Yellowing Defects due to Indirect heating and Oven temperature control during conveyor Breakdown
  • No Uneven Finishing thru Radiation and convection heating agitation
  • Prevention of Dust and Dirt
  • Dust and Dirt Entry prevented by air balance and draft prevention dampers
  • No Dust and Dirt Accumulation due to contour Design of bake oven, Air outlet positioning and air velocity
  • No Dust and Dirt Generation because of Resin Condensate Prevention incinerator and Heat panel
  • Energy Conservation by way of Reduction of Heat Energy thru Heat recovery system, Highly effective insulation panel and Draft prevention damper


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